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i can’t tell if it’s the weather, pandemic exhaustion, or the vaccine doses i got but i’ve been feeling extremely agoraphobic af lately :c

re: “feminism from a eugenic perspective” 

@tastytentacles In the wikipedia article on Havelock Ellis an early 20th century freudian psychologist. Some of his ideas really hit and some of them really miss. From the little bit of reading i’ve done it looks like he advocated for things like normalizing queer people and pushing for women getting birth control instead of hardcore eugenics, but he was also pretty racist like most victorian scholars. Definitely an interesting read tho!

“feminism from a eugenic perspective” 

“not being forced to marry and procreate with feeble-minded men”

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“feminism from a eugenic perspective” 

this paragraph has me reeling. never considered “feminist eugenics”

the more i learn about history the more i realize that trans people almost everywhere around the world were kind of just doing their thing being a normal part of society until the 1940s when christianity convinced everyone we didn’t exist.

Hot take 

@robots cops are desperate to turn peaceful protests into riots. like when john pike and his goons where in riot gear even tho he was called to police a peaceful gathering.

covid vaccine, good news 

so relieved the second shot was easy. it’s been about a day and my arm is just a little sore. the first one had my entire upper body hot and aching for two days.

@robots im kinda worried nuclear power is only going to take off once miners start needing that much energy

going to be in LA in a week. what should i do while i’m there? what’s it like rn?

ummm my doge wallet just got big now idk what to do o_O

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Legend has it, if you give a dragon a cookie, that dragon will become a lifelong friend.

@delve hehe, glad u like it. had to get creative cuz apparently you can’t have ‘twitter’ in your display name

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how the hell is Apple Remote Desktop a barely functioning app that's literally $79.99!?

just stocked up on $42 worth of vegan candy at a zero waist store that was blasting 100 gecs over the radio. felt like i was in a dream

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