a painting for a uni project i was about to start but then i gave up art school 🙃

don’t worry about aliens! we came to your planet because we love earth and think its neat! 👽💕the reason you don’t really hear from us is because we’re just following our intergalactic manners by staying incognito and not messing with the natives.✌️aliens aren’t dangerous! no need for nukes or whatever y’all keep making. 💗 the worst of us are kinda just weeabos for humans, totally harmless! 👽

facebook ads: get your mom what she really wants for mother’s day and that’s a giant bird shaped nail for her to hammer into some poor unsuspecting tree and then do absolutely nothing with until she decides to take it down 5 years later

never seen a house get fumigated before. seamed so serious with people in hazmats and stuff o.o

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