The police are bad. Working for them is bad. The key purpose of the public police force of the United States of America was always to protect merchants’ private wares. Prior to the mid 1800’s the onus was on companies to secure their own property. Years later the burden would fall upon the public and their paid taxes as the police’s responsibility to protect private capital was secured by federal and state legislation. When I call the police as a retail associate reporting a shoplifter they arrive in less than 3 minutes. When I call the same precinct as a neighbor reporting a burglary at a location half the distance away they take 15-30 minutes to get here. I have seen this happen specifically enough in my own life to ever deny it. The police do not care for you. The police will lie to you. (even if you are a child) The police will take your money. The police will take your life and get away with it. The police are broken because their business model was never to serve and protect. It was to be federally mandated business guards. I believe we cannot fix them through reform because of this. We must implement alternative support structures that obsolete the police. We must abolish bail. We must abolish for profit prisons. We must abolish non-rehabilitative prison systems. We must free the millions of innocent people who’s lives have been unjustly DESTROYED by our police state.

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