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Rioting doesn't fix anything.

I disagree with most people on here when the topic comes up around here, and I don't care.

Yes, i hate it when cops kill people. That's why I'm trying not to justify the existence of police by rioting. If news cameras come up and see pictures of police beating up protesters and they *can't actually get footage of rioting* then there's only one narrative they can push.


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@robots cops are desperate to turn peaceful protests into riots. like when john pike and his goons where in riot gear even tho he was called to police a peaceful gathering.

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@gewn Sorry for the long wait for the response.

I dom't know how much national consensus BLM has, but if we justify the existence of police by proving that we need them, then we're shooting ourselves in the foot! But if we demonstrate against police brutality and become victims of police brutality, then it has the same effect as images of people getting blasted with firehoses at protests: it brings up national sympathy.

On the other hand, unless you explicitly intend to literally create a revolution, it's an uphill battle, one that you're probably going to lose.

Hot take 

@robots no problem and to be honest i’ve slept on this and kinda changed how i feel about it now.

while i don’t think that rioting “justifies the existence of police” unless you’re a disillusioned american liberal who likes walmart’s and believes the TV. (plus the police are experts at making perfectly peaceful demonstrations look like riots) i think youre kinda right ultimately. if we took the time, effort, and money raised to cover the people’s cost of protests and used it to develop alternative power structures instead we’d probably end up better off. most demonstrations are asking for the system to change, thereby reinforcing its authority. even tho it doesn’t feel like it is, it’s probably a lot more radical/effective to make the system obsolete instead.

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