@gewn According to the Many-Worlds Interpretation, due to the peculiarities of quantum mechanics, dragewn will be split into an infinite number of dragewns, with an infinite number of splintered universes to accompany them; in half of the universes, dragewn will go into the bathroom on the left, and in the other half, dragewn will go into the bathroom on the right. The wave function will then collapse, and we'll be left randomly in a universe with either Outcome A (the bathroom on the left) or Outcome B (the bathroom on the right), an equal weight of happening of course being given to both.

Or something like that. I dunno. I'm not a fucking quantum physicist.

@gewn There exists an infinite number of worlds in which Schrödinger became a public restroom designer, and in which he became famous for ushering in universal gender neutral bathrooms around the world.

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