the second coming is problematic because it trains people to act with an "end of history" mentality. believing you are at the end on history compels you to act and consume heedlessly. people are desecrating this planet and allowing unbridled forms of oppression take hold and leaving it for future generations to deal with just because they've always figured jesus would have come down and taken us up to heaven by now...

i promise i'm not here to cancel my christian peeps. i’d just like to encourage you to try reframing "the second coming of christ" from an apocalyptic event to prepare for into a call to action to bring the christ-like acts of service and love to the world. if you cant know when christ will come to us again, you might as well do what he would be doing down here in the mean time right?

@delve i don’t think so? like from terraria?

@gewn Hmm. Now, this is a coincidence.
I posted this earlier after I saw it on Twitter, and it's what I was referring to.

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