02 JULY 2015 - Disreality Diary: Team Fortress 2
You know when shit just don’t work? Like, when nothing works? That thing where you try do things but then they don’t function? Or when the things that you have dedicated time, effort, money, “blood, sweat, and tears” into just decide to not hold their end of the bargain? I think that my new catch phrase is going to be “If you want something done right, give up.”

Today was okay. Like, what ever. Today wasn’t about me. Other people had things happening today, and they just had their lives happening. I was a background character. Even to my story it seamed like. So I kind of just don’t care? So yeah. I guess computer and my phone, and my job weren’t working today, but all I had to do about it was complain and they all just stopped having to do with me. So yeah; “If you want something done right, give up.”

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