01 JULY 2015 - Disreality Diary: Cap’n Crunch
I have such a blatantly set form of one-way communication with those I care about the most.
They send me messages over our infuriatingly business-y email system at work, they send me text messages, and deliver missed calls free of voicemail because they know It doesn’t make a difference. I answer on my own time, although a majority of my time doesn’t end up being made.
I’m just not an expert at reciprocating.
Although its not as if I don’t return the favor like I should, I just, don’t, with texts and phone calls. But I do /usually/ make sure to complete the agreements brought upon me by having relationships with other human beings. I make sure to keep an eye open for my family on social networks. I help with getting that file saved as a .svg file, or does it need to be a .ai?
I think I’m just quiet.
You could probably call me one of those people that like to keep to themselves. And you’d be right, most of the time, but I have also been known (to myself) to be very clingy and needy as well. I’ve been told I come off very extroverted, but I believe I’m just a good actor, or at the very least, I have a firm grip on this facade that I am.

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