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ummm my doge wallet just got big now idk what to do o_O

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Legend has it, if you give a dragon a cookie, that dragon will become a lifelong friend.

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how the hell is Apple Remote Desktop a barely functioning app that's literally $79.99!?

just stocked up on $42 worth of vegan candy at a zero waist store that was blasting 100 gecs over the radio. felt like i was in a dream

my favorite demons
are haunting me every day
in them i hold all of my shame
in them i hold all of my grace
they can see into my mind
and also see its shape
their burning sulfur breath
blistering my face

my favorite demons
are hurting me every day
with time my blood will scab and
with time my tears will fade but
leave a rift in my mind
that i know i can’t change
so i’ll cover my hurt
with a band-aid

The Public Universal Friend (NOV.29.1752 – JUL.1.1819) was an American preacher born in Cumberland, Rhode Island, to Quaker parents. After suffering a severe illness in 1776, they claimed to have died and been reanimated as a genderless evangelist named the Public Universal Friend, and afterward shunned both birth name and gendered pronouns.

Identifying as neither male nor female, the Friend asked not to be referred to with gendered pronouns. Followers respected these wishes; they referred only to "the Public Universal Friend" or short forms such as "the Friend" or "P.U.F.", and many avoided gender-specific pronouns even in private diaries. The Friend dressed in a manner perceived to be either androgynous or masculine in long, loose clerical robes which were most often black. They did not wear a hair-cap indoors, like women of the era, and outdoors wore broad-brimmed, low-crowned beaver hats of a style worn by Quaker men.

The Public Universal Friend's theology was broadly similar to that of most Quakers. They stressed free will, opposed slavery, and supported sexual abstinence. The Friend did not bring a Bible to worship meetings, which were initially held outdoors or in borrowed meeting houses, but preached long sections of the scriptures from memory. The meetings attracted large audiences, including some who formed a congregation of "Universal Friends", making the Friend "the first native-born American to found a religious community".

omg my sister just got a job at a local vegan grommet bakery!! i foresee a lot of cake in my future 🤩

wanting to show off this autograph of Barack Obama i have but the paper’s got my dead name on it :P

a vampire that is sick of having to kill people for their blood so they start a charity blood drive so they could just take the extra unused blood that gets donated before it expires.

not to brag or nothin but... 

i’m on a 3 day good day streak!! 🔥🎉

hightailing out the work parking lot
hand held at 12, stoic
Dirty Deeds bellowing passionately
pushing the throttle
all the way to 60
ever since he passed 40
though worn speakers
rattling, he leaves

yo if you think blockchain is cool wait til i tell you about ActivityPub

the capture button like on the switch but for my brain

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