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Did you know that the green lawn that is so common today was originally a way for the landed gentry to show off their wealth? It was meant to imply the owner could afford to have all this land being non productive, setting them apart from those whose livelihood depended on what they could cultivate.
From the beginning, it was an ostentatious display of obscene wealth.

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You may have seen this remarkable man before, but this is the first time I've tried restoring his portrait: It is Conrad Heyer, the earliest-born (& verified) human ever to have been photographed. He was born 271 years ago (back in 1749) & photographed here when he was 103.


safety meeting before i can go home ):

lunch today: celery & roasted red pepper hummus, strawberries, black bean burger with spinach & mayo

so apparently every instance i join needs me to make a specific profile for it? that’s wild

hello all new migrant from birdplace how is everyone today

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