bad trolling 

my soc class is doing end of semester presentations and two children of landlords got up and talked about how the homeless make too much money and renting is Good, Actually

it's like a contest to see who can say the most heinous shit in 15 minutes and a powerpoint

ahhhahabnnsmmfgg the next presentation after this one is overpopulation

@MoMartin they were very skinny and very sad and when I took them outside they immediately got happier (they get greener when they're happy)

I just ran into a beautiful friend in the bathroom (they have been returned to outside)

Whenever a bell rang, Pavlov thought about feeding his dogs

i think discord broke again

oh well I'm supposed to be sleeping anyways

Just boosted on my Twitter account. Should bring all of one follower to check this place out. What? Did I forget to tell everyone I am working toward achieving the Twelfth Level of Hermitude? My bad.

then ED-209.

even trained jedi usually can't deflect regular bullets, so Jedi Weeb grevious couldnt

K2 would have mobility but idk if he could do enough damage, and max would be stronger but less agile. idk who would win between the two of them

i don't like baby yoda anymore. completely turned the corner on baby yoda. i think we've hit baby yoda market saturation



Name: Bea
Likes: posting, having fun with friends
Dislikes: the trolls, the haters

@socialskeleton a faithful image description of pretty much every '''thought-provoking''' map of the us that gets shared around would be "fuck the dakotas, montana, wyoming, and idaho, specifically"

sleeptime. pouring one out for Odo and Big Bird. wonder who the third will be

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