i'm still getting to grips with how this whole mastodon thing works, but, hey! can anyone send some tips my way? how do i find people to follow?

@forest well, it's not the easiest thing to explain, but i can try my best if that'll help..

@forest maybe ask existing friends if theyre on masto and if they are you can check out the stuff they boost and the people who reply to it and see if you like anyone. That's what worked for me mostly.

Or check the public timeline of your instance and pick a topic and jump in, make a statement even if its just "wow that cloud really looks like a cat"

@forest Check your Local and Federated timeline. Follow whomever you find interesting. Done! :)

@forest Best bet would be looking at your Public Timeline (all the accounts that federate with your server) and see if you spot any cool people, or searching for #tags of things you like. Also looking at your instances profile directory is a good place to start:

Hope you stay and have fun! :blobsmile:
@forest yo, i think i can consider myself a bit fedi-versed by now

damn that's a bad pun

anyway, check your local (safe option) and federated (risky option) timelines. block what you hate, check out what you like. eventually you have a bit of a followbase and you can just continue exploring based on what you get on your tl. is iirc fairly safe, you should be able to find some nice people to follow on there.
Also just post what you want, other people will interact with it eventually and pop up in your mentions.


Trunk is a really good way to follow people who have published an interest in a particular subject:

@forest @koyu welcome, we are glad you're here!

here's one way:

Something else I did at first was search for keywords (like #music , #techno , #livecoding ) and follow anybody I found posting about that stuff

onboarding the fedivere 

@forest A good rule in my experience is to peek at the local and the federated timeline for anyone looking interesting. You can always unfollow or even mute/block later on when it proves a mistake.
Another way to filter expecially the federated TL (it can be very fast, depending on time of day and instance size) are hashtags. Find some with content you're interested in and if you want others to find your content by certain words, use them as a hashtag.
Also ask when need:)

@forest Best way might be to go to the global stream and read for a while. Now and then there will someone who comes up with a topic you like and after a bit of positive stalking there you go ^^
Once you have some people you like, they will share more people and some might end up on you list too.

@mono, you tipped 0.1 :10grans: to @forest and have 7.4 remaining.
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