I have discovered my new braindead time waster, which will hopefully replace watching YouTube shorts for hours on end. Tootle app automatically refreshes the federated timeline.

Worked on a janky page for peertube videos on my website. Hopefully this can make it even more accessible for new people, so that they can become used to watching videos without realizing :)

Enjoy this piece I played while practicing at Fairchild Chapel, the Canzona by Franz .

Been toying around with the idea of making a " studio" type of application using the API in one of many different methods, such as console application, or statically hosted web application. Tried the static web application route but it is quickly becoming far more daunting then I was thinking. Might stop this and write a console application in go which can use oauth tokens for things that are hidden away such as notification-style list of comments or number of views in the past 30 days.

I hope you will enjoy this snippet of a contrapunctus composed by Christian Flor. I recorded this today on the Brombaugh organ in Fairchild Chapel, and the video will be uploaded sometime soon.

I hope you will enjoy this playthrough of "Jesus Christus, unser heiland" by Martin Radeck on the Brombaugh gallery in Fairchild Chapel, conservatory

This happen to anyone else? Got about 50 notifications of this poll ending over the last hour

I have prepared the registration sheets for my performance of this piece by Franz Tunder this week.


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