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🎊 HUGE news worth celebrating!🎊

The Russian block on our website ( has been successfully lifted for now, thanks to tireless work from our legal team in Russia, Roskomsvoboda.

Been thinking about what upgrades I’ll want to make to my organ recording equipment. The next one I want to do is purchase all the necessary supplies for the H4n and GoPro to run on electricity from a wall outlet instead of on battery (both have pretty poor battery life, under an hour while recording). Then I’ll look for a boom stand for the microphones. Then I’ll think about theoretically trying out some different recording techniques (which will require more purchases), such as getting two ribbon mics and trying a Blumlein pair, using a Jecklin disk with the omnis I already have, or trying the Schweitzer method, which will be the most expensive, requiring purchasing three cardioid microphones (and may also be obsoleted considering modern recording engineering standards)

Thought experiment...what if federated instances didn't save local copies of other instances media, and instead would just src= to the original instance?

>get bored of violin
>want to play a non string instrument
>buy a piano
>look inside
>strings pov: you go to an open source application’s irc room to ask a question

people say that the media lies to you but the media never tag their stuff with "misinformation" so i don't think that's correct

@fiskfan1999 If you're only interested in audio you could also use one of the Funkwhale instances.

If I only can use for early music and romantic music that is out of copyright, that would be disappointing but OK, and I will be quite happy to continue to support such an alternative platform. However, it would be disappointing because I am hoping to use as a full alternative to for uploading performances of such classical and modern concert music.

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(ianal) I've been considering how to go about sharing my performances of copyrighted material on . themselves say that you shouldn't go through the process of getting a license to share such works on , ostensibly because they will get claimed (and copyright owner gets royalties) or blocked. However, i don't think the same would apply for peertube. And I don't want to put the innocent instance operators through the hassle of dealing with DMCA takedown requests or being held liable for hosting such content. My best guess right now is to reach out to the publisher and explain the situation and see if they will grant the permission. (I bet the fact that videos on peertube are released under CC could make things harder to resolve)

Mood lifters, compsci edition: when you see your name in the acknowledgments of an open source application changelog

reasons why metric is better:
a 27" monitor is 69cm :meowdab:
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