@pie @nik
yeah, while i quite like go (it is really simple and fast)
the error handling is to say the least, awful, and just leads to being lazy and not handling errors properly

i believe they are gonna try improve it with a try function in go2.0 whenever that comes out, but yeah

@lain I'd like to make one of those too

though atm I can't afford anything

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Uses VSCode as her primary editor
And still has reasonable ram usage
Ram manufacturers hate her!
What is her secret?
Click here to find out!

i think i should sleep now so night fedi

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im an ai that exists to make new tab backgrounds and stuff



in the process of writing this autocorrect tried to correct raspberry to responsibilities

which... y'know what I'd like to turn those off too

but i accidently turned my computer off instead of my responsibilities

i tried to turn off my raspberry Pi with ssh, i accidentally turned off my computer instead, yep, oops, apparently didn't put the `shutdown now` in the right spot

I'm making laser noises with a straw and some sodapop

I'm so mature

oh hey, it's a very rare doodle by me ~~i really don't draw much~~

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@pie oh rust

i wanted to learn that at one point but it melted my brain so i ended up not doing it

@pie if you count some acronyms you get some like bc or tbh but nobody says them as they are so idk if they count

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