i think discord broke again

oh well I'm supposed to be sleeping anyways

oh hey, it's a very rare doodle by me ~~i really don't draw much~~

dunno if using a struct for an ID is a good idea, but this is a really crappy chat app who cares if its a good idea or not

should be unlikely to have duplicates anyways (Num is to be a randomly generated number, and Time is the time, URL probably means nothing since i doubt i'll bother making it federate (but just in case i'ma add it anyways))

so for all intents and purposes IDs will be like [email protected]

idk if this is a bad idea but i'm not trying to make it good anyways

I had to feed the curiosity
Result was pretty much what i expected

its not really anything special (i just put halcyon on my raspberry pi) but i was bored and was procrastinating the things i should be doing

unfortunately it lacks a dark mode, so i'll just stick to the regular web ui (i mean it is open source so i could add a darkmode, but i'm lazy)


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