so, a couple days ago i noticed discord quietly changed the text for the @ everyone permission but i wasn't able to reproduce it and the change wasn't on any other client (and it went away after a restart)

but now it got officially launched, apparently i caught an accidential peek at a to be change at least 2 days before it happened

i was bored so i created a discord bot that exists for no purpose other than to steal all your emotes

literally that's all it does, it looks for emotes in messages that get sent, and saves them to the drive of the computer it's running on

programmer shananigans 

program mysteriously crashed with a stack overflow error, and the stacktrace was a gargantuanly long string of the same function

took a bit of hunting but eventually i found this method function, which is basically an infinite recursive loop of returning itself because of an autocomplete typo

"Some like to call it L A D" - my buggy string splitting code 2020

this comic i found has basically been my entire mood the past while

i think discord broke again

oh well I'm supposed to be sleeping anyways

oh hey, it's a very rare doodle by me ~~i really don't draw much~~

dunno if using a struct for an ID is a good idea, but this is a really crappy chat app who cares if its a good idea or not

should be unlikely to have duplicates anyways (Num is to be a randomly generated number, and Time is the time, URL probably means nothing since i doubt i'll bother making it federate (but just in case i'ma add it anyways))

so for all intents and purposes IDs will be like

idk if this is a bad idea but i'm not trying to make it good anyways

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I had to feed the curiosity
Result was pretty much what i expected

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its not really anything special (i just put halcyon on my raspberry pi) but i was bored and was procrastinating the things i should be doing

unfortunately it lacks a dark mode, so i'll just stick to the regular web ui (i mean it is open source so i could add a darkmode, but i'm lazy)

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