*glares in a slightly annoyed expression at past self*

(found a weird piece of wonkiness by my past self, now i have to figure out how to fix it)


tech ramble blurb 

(1/2) basically, for context i use a VM for a lot of things
i had 2 virtual drives attached to this one (idk why that's just how its always been since i resurrected this one)
and i ran out of disk space on the root drive (kinda expected since i use this one a lot)
so i went to expand it
and apparently what i thought was my second drive was actually just a partition off the main one, and my actual second drive was doing nothing at all

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tech ramble blurb 

meaning i actually have less storage than i thought (i thought i had 32gb and 8gb extra, but turns out i had 24gb and 8gb extra with an 8gb doing nothing)
and i can't easily expand the root partition because "drive 2" is in the way

so now i just gotta figure out how to move an entire partition out of the way

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