win7 support ended
i guess it's time to get used to using Linux as a main (I've been using a virtual machine half the time anyways)

i just gotta decide which of my 2 partitions i wanna empty and reformat for Linux
and decide which distro i wanna start using as a daily driver

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@eviedelta If you got a beafy computer, think abour PCI passthrough. That's what i did and it's marvelous !
>Arch Linux as host
>Windows 10 as guest

@Sunseille that actually sounds pretty nice
but my computer is not beefy (it's 6 years old and running off of a cpu model released in 2012) so i don't think i could manage that

but maybe in the future if i get a new desktop I'll do that

@eviedelta go ryzen, it's actually the best choice
hope you're good

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