I'm bored so I'll try making a really crappy chat app (arcca?)

no guarantees you'll ever see anything of it though cause I'm kinda notorious at not finishing things or even making them functional

but I'll try post about it as i do stuff cause why not

First Thonk

How do i uniquely id stuff like messages

Do i try to do it in a future proof and proper way, or do i just wing it and do something that works™️

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dunno if using a struct for an ID is a good idea, but this is a really crappy chat app who cares if its a good idea or not

should be unlikely to have duplicates anyways (Num is to be a randomly generated number, and Time is the time, URL probably means nothing since i doubt i'll bother making it federate (but just in case i'ma add it anyways))

so for all intents and purposes IDs will be like 900349703.1575194486@example.com

idk if this is a bad idea but i'm not trying to make it good anyways

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