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i interrupt your usual timeline of memes with a little message

Send a nice message to someone you care for and let them know you're there and that you care for them

whether it be a friend, family member, special other, multiple people, or anyone really, just send something nice

boosts are appreciated, but you don't have to give me anything

i need to post more often, but i don't perticularly have much to say at this point
I'm just quietly existing from my quiet corner in the middle of nowhere

walking through some paths between the trees at sunset while quitely humming to yourself is quite peaceful

or at least it would be if you were not being constantly invaded by an army of angery mosquitos

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i highkey wish i had a switch right now, unfortunately money be a hec

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oh nice i looked it up and apparently it's being considered to actually remove it in my area

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really though, i wish we could just be rid of DST already, it's so useless

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oh nice, it's time for everybody's favorite daylight confusion time switch

but yeah, PSA to any discord server admins, make sure you turn this permission off for @ everyone, its not something that untrusted members should have

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so, a couple days ago i noticed discord quietly changed the text for the @ everyone permission but i wasn't able to reproduce it and the change wasn't on any other client (and it went away after a restart)

but now it got officially launched, apparently i caught an accidential peek at a to be change at least 2 days before it happened


i do not know why but apparently something between virtualbox's emulated audio and linux's audio system isn't getting along

sometimes it just doesn't work and things don't play
yesterday all of the audio was downpitched (basically the entire system was in daycore/reverse-nightcore mode)
and today everything is higher pitched than normal (basically, the entire OS is in nightcore mode)

one of these days i'll migerate off of virtualbox, but currently i'm lazy

so i guess yn't is a thing now

(basically y + n't thus being a contraction of why not)

tech ramble blurb 

meaning i actually have less storage than i thought (i thought i had 32gb and 8gb extra, but turns out i had 24gb and 8gb extra with an 8gb doing nothing)
and i can't easily expand the root partition because "drive 2" is in the way

so now i just gotta figure out how to move an entire partition out of the way

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tech ramble blurb 

(1/2) basically, for context i use a VM for a lot of things
i had 2 virtual drives attached to this one (idk why that's just how its always been since i resurrected this one)
and i ran out of disk space on the root drive (kinda expected since i use this one a lot)
so i went to expand it
and apparently what i thought was my second drive was actually just a partition off the main one, and my actual second drive was doing nothing at all

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*glares in a slightly annoyed expression at past self*

(found a weird piece of wonkiness by my past self, now i have to figure out how to fix it)

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