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It's crazy how people think that trans people are an opinion.

This is my first uni essay and I have to reference, no clue how to do that D:

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Time to start writing my essay. Kill me pls, is 2000 words doable in 5 days?

"Gamer" is the best gender neutral way to address someone

Exam went well except fucking up the first 15 minutes but fixed that, I only didnt answer one question but that question was 10 marks aaaa

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Being a trans woman is like building Linux using LLVM instead of GCC.

It's just nature building a woman differently than it usually does.

Just cuz it doesn't have the cis/GNU prefix doesn't mean the rest of it isn't accurate.

Can we kill calculus? It useful but complicated :(

I'm just shit at maths lol

I want to be cuddled but me lonely D:

Why do I make stupid design stuff when procrastinating hhhh

Bruh, fell asleep and haven't finished my work. I'm so bad at this shit.

I'm walking in aldi with my parents but they are looking around like it's a museum

Aaaaa going to my first hackathon and currently panicking yay. Send help pls

Aaaa why am I suddenly so dizzy D: I'm trying to read, can you not brain.

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