Bu senenin spotifyı çok kötü çok

I know Japanese!

凸 <- RJ45
し <- Fishing hook
ゆ <- Fish
å±± <- Galaga ship
ひ <- Someone's mouth while sleeping (snore)
日 <- Wardrobe
回 <- Safe
大 <- Stickman
人 <- Stickman with no arms
木 <- Stickman with long penis
楽 <- Stickman with kabuto helmet and short penis


"and I am not sure about the people"

submitted by the_man_with_none

@opensuse cares about its contributors and members, and how they interact with one another. Members of the project would like to know how we are doing. Let us know by answering our short survey at survey.opensuse.org

L key of my Nintendo DS Lite stopped working. I think the button inside was crushed. I need to order a new shell from China

I started Onimusha Warlords last night. I think it's a game that Capcom doesn't care much about and throws away. If you are interested in Japanese culture, you should definitely play it.

is a great emulator frontend designed for retro game lovers. If you are interested in retro games, definitely check it out.

You can generate invitations to Mastodon by clicking "Invite people" in the bottom left corner of the screen.

This will invite people to your instance and optionally make them automatically follow you.

You can set the invitation to have a limited number of uses and/or expiry date, or have these both unlimited.

(Some instances which are officially closed to new members still allow sign-ups through such invitations.)

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