Is it bad that I don't know what to talk about for this past month other than the fact that I've had a groggy morning

Took me a while to notice that I haven't sent a toot in ages.

How is everyone doing tonight?

So late over here, time to say a silly thought

Am I the only one surprised by how nice and welcoming this place is? Like omfg every qt here is friendly as hecc, I don't even think I deserve the privilege to be around these nice peoples >~<

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"Who should be the new face of the FSF?" 2: :miyazaki:

@Eidon technology of the future needs a good soundtrack

@absturztaube the power of cats and suya shall be ours

@Ste1lar :bunboomer: :splatoon:

@gregtime69 The bees!

@PoorLifeChoices life choices redemption arc when

@Fyrfaras will eventually catch up to their timeline

@arcy found out how to self motivate

@nyankat is downloading 5D spacetime

@dropamu :blobcatfingerguns:

@lumi :bun: 2

@papush invades land for the ocean 🌊 🦑 🌊

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There was an occasional question I've always asked myself: are there any other peeps here who are fond of constructed languages such as Esperanto, Lojban or Toki Pona? :blobcatreach:

It feels like I've been silent for a while. Instead of saying how I was doing, how have my fellow qt 🥧s been doing today? :blobcat3c:

I'm not sure if I want to keep this account or not. It's not because I'm busy, but because I haven't been in the best mood recently

Now if I was given the choice, I'm not sure if I should live a life of cute-posting or a life of deep-posting

in other news, the most awkward thing just happened for me outside of the fedi

I was just thinking about the term "red pill" for a bit. It's used to describe people who know the truth of reality and crave freedom. Could it also be used to describe the people who broke free of traditional things (Windows and Google maybe) and whatnot because they know the truth on what they can do with privacy?

Or maybe I'm just thinking out loud... I hope this isn't too negative in a place full of hugs and headpats, I tend to be pretty pessimistic about some thoughts

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my website looks just as good on a terminal web browser!

screenshot courtesy of @dropamu

I see everyone tooting and I'm lowkey wondering whadda toot because I'm too shy to type anything, but at the same time I really love the idea of having an account for a FOSS social network for once, and I wanna be active

what should I toot about...?

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