India is infested with a terrorism. The terrorist group has taken control of the entire politics. It's high time that the UN, USA & European countries list RSS as a terrorist organization and crack down people associated with it. Or else it's going to grow like Islamic terrorism. Hindu terrorism is real and it's called Hindutva.

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The actor Sacha Baron Cohen (known from Borat, Brüno, Ali G) delivered a speech about Facebook as a propaganda machine. I found this video on twitter from "Now This" and am reuploading it here:

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hey fedizens (and especially niusers)! i built something!

it's a tool that can open a mastodon export archive and show you all of your toots and favorites (if they're available). it's still not perfect and needs substantial improvements, but i decided to publish it now, as niusers were asking questions about how to view export.

also i'll post updates at @meowViewer (report bugs there if you encounter them!). please boost! :boost_ok:

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How do journalists still find that different-style elephant drawing that hasn't been the "canon" representation of our mascot for 3 years :thonking:

How much does internet cost in your country?
What about mobile data?

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selfie ec, boosts appreciated 

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@koyu Right capitalism steals your data and sells it whereas something more collective would prompt you to donate a bit.

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I think koyu is the cutest instance ever. :heart_parrot:

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This is my Mastodon Profile with more than 1500 followers in less than 48 hours!

Join the resistance ✊

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Looks like #twitter bans a lot of people from #india ...

Welcome to #mastodon and here comes a quick video to get you started on what this place is and how it's different from other #gafam platforms.

Are you comfortable with the Fediverse instances?

Hey guys, I'm also from and I moved here because I'm honestly fedup with Twitter. :blob_raccoon_blueheart:

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