rynprry: My eight-year-old is battling her uncle in a prank war. Last night she delivered this devastating blow.

"Just found out puzzle companies reuse the same stencils to cut out their pieces"

"When the sun is directly overhead in Hawaii, everything looks like a bad video game render."

PaymanBenz: I’ve been laughing about this for 3 days straight

CamilleTwaa: He probably yelled “Mihoy manoynoy” as he ran away 😭😂

ilymost: i saw this ad at 2 am last night and had to take a screenshot just to make sure i wasn’t hallucinating

"Hey babe come over"
I cant I'm walking my fish
"But my parents aren't- wait what"

POV: you preordered any game in 2021

clubdevo: *sound of wood thudding against wood as the houses vibrate violently*

esperhabasi: and then one house forcefully rockets off into the distance

Car manufacturers: "What if we made a transmission dial?"
Me: "Let me just adjust my volume-"

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