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me, standing in my garden: I can see my house from here

@shimzini some dumb punny ones i’ve heard,

- is your name aida? cause aida lama minat you (i’ve crushed on you for a while)

- you nak pergi mamak dengan i? sebab i teh tarik kepada you (wanna go to a mamak, cause i’m attracted to you)

- are you malay? because you make my air liur malay-lay 🤪 (because you make me salivate...)

- kecantikanmu ibarat harga petrol, asyik je menaik (your prettiness is like petrol prices, always going up)

- waiseh, panas juga hari ni kan? samalah macam you (hot day, eh? kinda like you)

your mileage may vary 🤓 i’m no expert at flirting, especially with girls lmao

mention of discrimination 

i know some people maintain alt accounts on like languages or region specific servers but i'm 100% sure every malay server will de-facto be homophobic & transphobic :sadneko:​ on the other hand you can't stop me from randomly spurting some malay or dutch on my timeline :blobowoevil:

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adding c/w to non-english content is a habit i picked up from other servers to make it more accessible and friendly? and i really have no idea if it's necessary cause i see a lot of chinese & japanese content that i don't understand on the federated too :akkoshrug:

indonesian meme stolen from the zucksite 


“Ga bisa tidur gara" mikirin seseorang” - “i can't sleep because i'm thinking of someone”

“Mikirin siapa?” - “thinking of who?”

american politics 

it kind of disgusts me that so many malaysian christians, especially the dayak seem to be so in love with donald trump. i can understand the draw to him in 2016, but having seen how he’s ruled in the past 4 years how could you still stand behind the man? to even draw similarities between PAS (Islamist party) & the democrats is 🤯

so uhhhh whats the return policy on this gender assignment?

an issue in that i reported back in december 2018 is finally closed

i love how lazada makes it seem like my packages are sent via a truck all the way from Hong Kong 👁👄👁

i fed an AI (me, i am artifically intelligent) 100 hours of feed and this was its output:

:blobcat:​ nya i need internship but keep getting rejected. i just need someone to give me a chance!
👳 pathetic. you don't need an internship. chances are overrated BS.
👳 show off your skills? start a blog.
👳 experience? offer to work for free
:blobcatcomfthink:​ b-but interns-
👳 just start your own business...
👳 you don't understand the hustle, kid
👳 i failed 2 times before my father bailed me out
👳 life never hands everything on the platter
👳 why should it?
👳 success is 100% hard work

like, share, & follow 👳 on instagram for more *woke* tips

i only just realised the title here's incomplete. it should be "working in public - the making and maintenance of open source software" 🤦‍♀️

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related to moving over to , the irony that a lot of open source software and collaboration happens on a proprietary platform such as is raised by the book "the making and maintenance of open source software" by Nadia Eghbal

inspired by seeing another toot/hop over migrating away from github, i've decided to migrate some of my repositories over to @codeberg! while i don't see myself github any time soon (work, etc.), i do see this as a positive shift in the open source community 😃

it's 2020 and there are still people fighting over android vs iphone cameras 🤯

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