don't judge me my ancestors were nomadic

why is filtered/suspended on so many other instances 👀

why is creapaid still so broken sjsjsjsj

> getting birthday wishes from insurance & tax company

what the hell even is the local timeline

saying "i want to kiss you so badly" to a girl and she thinks its sweet and then gets mad when i kiss her poorly . i literally told you

i'm unsubbing pretty much every channel from my old google/youtube account and omg i had the biggest tech daddy complex as a teenager seeing some of them again today is WEIRD as hell

@koyu ah yeah, though availability of source is not quite the same as commitment to open source unlike Codeberg, plus that code would have to be maintained. Even with the GitHub source, as far as platforms go, GitLab is really ahead with their intergrated CI/CD.

t. devops/worked extensively with GitLabs

@koyu yeah I believe GitHub's source code was previously leaked 😄 unless I'm missing something?

hey you DEMOCRATIC SLUT 💦 it’s ErECTION SEASON 🗳 so while you’re CUMpaigning 🥵 don’t forget about DADDY JOE 🍆 hop on the phone sex line 📞 and call those sexy SWINGER voters 😩 send this to 1️⃣0️⃣ of your sluttiest girls who are WET FOR JOE and volunteer to WORK THOSE POLES 💈 or you won’t get any 💦 liberal dick 💦 until 2024

mom said it’s my turn on the _critical thought_ give it to me now

what’s the best option for a phone with convergence at the moment? i’d really like to be able to use my for some serious work, but outside huawei & samsung’s desktop mode, nothing else really seems polished or powerful enough 😔


why on earth did my sister just ask me if i support trump tf

cool stuff, makes the transition from photoshop to gimp a lot easier!

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