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so henlo~ i was previously @dafne so i'm not at all new to mastodon :ablobcatrave:​ but i just needed to hop to a more active instance (again))

i mostly talk tech and have a weekly crisis :110:​ and develop some stuff, including gnome :gnome:​ extensions you may have used~

also i'm very gay :transdab::gaysper:

don't judge me my ancestors were nomadic

why is filtered/suspended on so many other instances 👀

why is creapaid still so broken sjsjsjsj

> getting birthday wishes from insurance & tax company

what the hell even is the local timeline

saying "i want to kiss you so badly" to a girl and she thinks its sweet and then gets mad when i kiss her poorly . i literally told you

i'm unsubbing pretty much every channel from my old google/youtube account and omg i had the biggest tech daddy complex as a teenager seeing some of them again today is WEIRD as hell

hey you DEMOCRATIC SLUT 💦 it’s ErECTION SEASON 🗳 so while you’re CUMpaigning 🥵 don’t forget about DADDY JOE 🍆 hop on the phone sex line 📞 and call those sexy SWINGER voters 😩 send this to 1️⃣0️⃣ of your sluttiest girls who are WET FOR JOE and volunteer to WORK THOSE POLES 💈 or you won’t get any 💦 liberal dick 💦 until 2024

mom said it’s my turn on the _critical thought_ give it to me now

what’s the best option for a phone with convergence at the moment? i’d really like to be able to use my for some serious work, but outside huawei & samsung’s desktop mode, nothing else really seems polished or powerful enough 😔


why on earth did my sister just ask me if i support trump tf

cool stuff, makes the transition from photoshop to gimp a lot easier!

illogical anarchist content 

i scoff at the face of amab anarchists. you literally have a prostate gland!

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