ahem... STOP putting config files in $HOME. follow the goddamn spec

@cyan do remember that it's not /the/ spec. it's /a/ spec, and not everyone finds the freedesktop.org folks opinions equally useful (e.g. bsd folks).

as an example, this thread provides some perspective (and frustration for people who like xdg): github.com/tmux/tmux/issues/14

@Flisk ik ik, it's just annoying that it's all over the place :/ but eh that's linux (or whatever *nix) i guess, it's the wild west lol :)

@cyan i've no joke toyed with the idea of rolling my own distro that's just gentoo or something where the only difference is i patch all programs i personally use to respect xdg but its sooooo not worth the effort


@Flisk yea you're probably right xD

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