We do not understand public transport. It has schedules. But it does not follow them. Trains randomly vanish. Or they are late. Please help explain. Caw, caw?

Field study - Day 2 • Boring. The humans just stare at a flat screen and punch buttons on a board. Everyone has their own. They do it all day long. Why? No-one gives them treats for punching buttons. Everyone brings their own treats. It makes no sense.

Field study - Day 1 • We have started our field study on human behaviour and we have chosen a common work environment (annot.: they call it 'office'). Many humans leave their sleeping place in the morning to travel to such an office for the day. What are they doing there? We are so excited to find out!

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Hi, we're and we came here to study humans and their behaviour and to caw a lot and DO YOU STILL EAT THAT? :blobnomcookie:


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