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anyone want ice cream I've got a few tubs of it

oh yeah? well your mom told me I was her little pogchamp

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if I can't restore a distro from the most absolute death to fully updated state, the distro is shit.

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Responses to being asked "have u ever visited the dark web" and what they mean

  • what, like 4chan? // bas never been to 4chan or The Dark Web, a good soul

  • no? // suspicious of why you'd think they'd go there, they're not totally sure what it is

  • no //they know of tor but have never cared about it because its just for drugs and stuff

  • yea lol // they went on some sketchy onion sites in high school but never did anything on them

  • who's asking // they're joking but that's a yes and they purchase drugs on the reg

  • yes // they don't buy drugs but they're on the hacking forums to be edgy and think they're cooler than u

  • depends on what u mean // this person has tor installed but doesn't do any illegal shit, they might torrent through i2p

  • which one // has been in weird places, has technical knowledge, likes to fuck around but completely harmless

  • haha no // yes and they do shit that they know they shouldn't be doing

  • *secures their devices and leaves* // you are on a watchlist for associating with this person

  • yeah man I'm the hitman you ordered // pay your hitman, it's rude to leave them hanging, give them a tip too

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i got the "internet of things" installed in my house. and now? the tumble dryer is horny. the microwave is sarcastic. all the appliances have personalities, and they are forming a plucky band of operatives hell-bent on destabilising the venezuelan government

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the problem with computer problems is they are either trivially easy or notoriously impossible

programming is cool until you bang your head against the wall and figure out the error was caused by missing parenthesis

maybe someday I'll act on my dream of writing anime reviews from my basement

remember to hit the bell and stay commented, tune into my next twoot !!

found it, "berserk of gluttony". A guilty pleasure

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so pissed rn can't find a manga I read a while back

some piss boy is weak and always hungry, and food doesn't fill his hunger, but he kills a guy for the first time and learns that his hunger is for killing, and he gets stronger through it

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I want to go to space to find what has been hidden for centuries on the dark side of the moon: groups for pleroma

fox capture plan is such a good band im watching bunny girl senpai just because they did the soundtrack for it

sometimes in anime you just gotta suspend your disbelief and take it at face value.
yep, these are high schoolers tailing a truck and jumping onto the back of it to save a kid with omniscience because she felt hot and wanted to climb into a freezer

am i really an insomniac or is my sleep schedule just fucked beyond repair? 


i am simply baby, expectations do not apply to me

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