I really want to get back into having a 'gaming' focused website but my motivation is like 'bleh'

Like... I WANT to do this. I would LOVE to do this.

@crakila I used to enjoy online gaming a lot. I enjoyed MMORPG for the large number of, at the time, fun people all having fun together in this virtual world. Just like you, now, BLEH is a mental response to aspects of it. I think a lot changed in the last 7 years, and many cool people who used to be serious gamers, rarely even play now.

@MonogamousMetal This has been the big issue. In the last few years, game companies are now focused on running on their own servers for games and phasing out the 'community servers' that made those games popular (Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, etc)

This killed many communities including mine.

Forums used to be a big thing for me, but now, no one hardly uses them in favour of Discord

@crakila Yeah, I miss gaming with people I know, and get to know, especially in real life, too. My ex of a few years ago liked to game together, which was nice to do 1 or 2 nights a week. Years ago, before all that, I had a good group you could call a community on 1 old server who had good energy to all play together. Now, so many people I knew and got along with, kinda disappeared.

@crakila I briefly got back into MMOs 3 years ago, playing ESO, but, the energy is not there like it was 8 years ago, and older.

@crakila There was crazy strong support for a few websites tied to private servers a few years ago, but, then, that got spun as a bad thing to do, on old games that were not even being played, and 99% of the players had invested a lot of their own money on the original games before they went private. Anyway, good luck on eventually making the gaming focused website

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