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I don't tend to talk about specifics in politics (except the budget or general elections) and I do not tend to side with any political party.

LGBTQ+ / NSFW / Friendly

Any questions? Please ask! :)

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Hi 👋 This is my

My name is Crakila. A migrant from looking for some new friends.

I'm from Ireland and work in technical support for a web hosting company. I like video games (Final Fantasy XIV mostly) and enjoy professional wrestling (WWE).

Also like Anime, Music and some other bits and pieces :)


Anyone use spotifyd find a way on how to add a song to a playlist?

Just watched "Ruthless Aggression" - A brilliant insight into the transition from WWF's The Attitude Era to the WWE's Ruthless Aggression Era

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Birdsite / Flags 

Followed up by "Take a Chance" from the 2016 SmackDown Live era.

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"The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson was the best SmackDown theme imo.

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my "irl name"? oh, you mean my worksona

Spent the last 2 days fixing up my Plex server, Sonarr, Radarr,

Tidying up files via SSH!

Thank heavens it is done!

Only half of our team is working today...

A monday

Please pray for me T_T

Slán macOS. Hello Xubuntu 19.10.

(context: macOS doesn't run well on my Mac Mini 7,1 (Late 2014))

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What a crazy couple of weeks it has been.

But I am back to work as of today and am really happy to get on with shit.

Let's do this! x

Tonight, I have lost my dad to Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

His last wishes was to be home for Christmas and have Christmas Dinner and he got that.

He fought a brave battle and I will forever love him.

I love you dad!

An hour into work and there is already nothing to do lol.

Phone hasn't rang once 😂

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