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hey mastos!! wondering if you can help me out…

what are some MASTODON INSTANCES 🐘 which:

1. were created in the PAST YEAR
2. have either OPEN or APPROVAL-BASED registrations
3. are run by DECENT FOLKS
4. are NOT TECH-THEMED (in word OR action)
5. have at least SOME ENGLISH-language moderators and documentation (multilingualism 🆗!)

reply with any and all that you know!! boosts 🆗!!

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trafficking, uspol 

so since the "anti-trafficking" law was passed:

* backpages has been taken down
* tumblr has become a shell of its former self
* craigslist personals no longer exist


* trafficking has increased
* prosecutions of trafficking have dramatically decreased and the Trump administration has even proposed to cut the budget for them by 80%

almost like it was never about trafficking at all, just about attacking queer people and sex workers

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Gab Post Showing them Losing Money 

CEO of #Gab today admitting that they have brought in *very little* cash via PO box based donations and losing money at this point...

As I've said a few times here, they were failing as a closed source platform, *and will fail as a Matodon-fork* if we can succeed at keeping them isolated in a shrinking roach motel-like silo of Gab-Island.

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Another selfie from yours truly during a site launch meeting that is not going well (cw for eye contact)

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»Und der Teil der Nation, der bislang dachte, dass es sich bei der Bundeswehr um einen Haufen Naziprepper handelt, denkt jetzt eben, dass es sich um einen verwöhnten Haufen Naziprepper handelt.«


(Quelle: Deutsche Bahn - Gratistickets: Sind wir nicht alle Soldatinnen? m.spiegel.de/kultur/gesellscha )

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Reading @maloki toots on federation tech compels me to say this again.

Every computer technology goes through a distinct cycle.

"I can do the thing!"
"I can abuse the thing!"
"Other people can abuse the thing, block them!"
"I have to block everything, and only allow known good stuff."

Enumerating badness always fails. ALWAYS.

Could we short-circuit this on the Fediverse, and default to a variant of only-federate-on-acceptance? Perhaps with distributed allow lists to share admin burden?

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Nazi apologist in my mentions 

If you havent already, you can block those people, or maybe the instance while you are at it

Here they are:
b0zil@fedi.absturztau.be alexa@fedi.absturztau.be

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If you've never had the chance to watch Moomin before, the original animated series is now available on YouTube! 👀 some countries are blocked, though. It feels so weird to hear this in English, who are they


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And for me (the hell cat happens to look like our hell cat!)

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In our universe, England is named after a Germanic tribe called the Angles. The language of England is called English and speakers of this language are called Anglophones.

In another universe, Sexland is named after a Germanic tribe called the Saxons. The language of Sexland is called Sexish and speakers of this language are called Saxophones.

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should :bun: be the official koyu.space mascot?

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Haha OK

Ok y'all if you're from Australia and own a Switch, apparently the Australian ratings board didn't notice that Nintendo got Hotline Miami 2 publishedo n the Switch

Hotline Miami 2 is banned in Australia it's so bad that the devs urged Australians to pirate it

If you want Hotline Miami 2 on your Australian Switch the time to buy and download is now

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my personality test / icon creator is done !!! find out what you look like


(RTs appreciated!)

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Uniformierte Soldaten in Zügen steigern vor allem mein Unsicherheitsgefühl. Bravo, #Union, da habt ihr mal wieder klasse Wahlkampfhilfe für die AfD mit ihrem Bürgerkriegsmythos gemacht.

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