I am proud of the brave folk who have successfully caused a suspension of rail service across much of the eastern part of Canadian territory, in solidarity with the land defenders of the Wet'suwet'en.

Stay strong, your government is against you:

“This is not about Indigenous people... it’s about a hard-left ideology that is... opposed to... modern industrial economy. It’s... time that our police... demonstrated that this is a country that respects the rule of law.”


if you live in new york you've got 2 days to register if you want to vote for bernie sanders in the primary.

please let me time travel to the 2015 library imagined by 1990's librarians

Y'all, imma issue a challenge:

Before buying a thing on Amazon, take just two minutes to see if it's available elsewhere online.

There's very often another seller that is price competitive, and free shipping is super common these days.

If you still wanna buy from Bezos I'm not gonna stop you, but it's worth at least checking for alternatives. Divesting yourself can be easier than you might think.

disappearing into thanos dust after i get called a "wobbly" in front of my boss

the US Postal Service is actually very good, thank you

world could, potentially, be a somewhat safer place if cishet dudes spent half as much time worrying about whether they're making unsolicited advances on women as they do worrying that queer guys are gonna make an unsolicited advances on them. u kno

they keep adding new genders, call me old fashioned but i still think the original 151 are the best

Mozilla laid off about 70 employees today. The executive chair makes $2.5M/year, or about $35K per laid off employee.

Be the queer coded villain you want to see in the world.


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...and a couple bottles of Afri cola

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