it’s okay to rest

it’s okay to sleep a little

it’s okay to stay in bed for weeks

it’s okay to medically induce a coma

give yourself however much time you need

bag check on aisle me

yup those are eye bags

early bird gets the worm
so does the late bird
we have a lot of worms

what if the real praxis was the friends we made along the way

as a child i was pissed prince charming couldn’t win the karaoke contest in the dvd extras for shrek 2. he was too sexy for his shirt!!

say it with me: i am worthy, i am loved

i am loyal only to the marimba

turntables run 33 revolutions per minute, and we’re still doing capitalism?

owner of a sad pop tart
owner of a rad go kart

yeah, you could say i’m a swinger

(mini golf)


i hate negative numbers, and i stop at nothing to avoid them

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