hold on folks we've got iridescent slime mold!!! lamproderma echinulatum!

here's the full tin; i almost forgot to post it :p
i'm not great at doing that sun effect in any medium but i'm pretty happy with how it ultimately came out :^) (and yes, there's glitter glue on it. shhh.)

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i cropped The Comb by The Waitresses just to the part where the guy on the keyboard has a fucking seizure

stage one in painting this altoids tin 

-- i've got more to add to this one but might even end up making a few in a series, as i seem to have quite a few blank ones at my disposal :p

hydnellum peckii – the bleeding tooth fungus
(one of my faves aesthetically)

when u take ur goggles off after a chem lab
"do i have a mark on my forehead?"


my culinary class is wildin right now (there's been no complaints on the twice baked potatoes i made, either :P )

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