hey guys i'm emily! i'm a little overzealously into rock collecting, classic rock, and rocky horror. and i'm brand new to the fediverse!
i also draw sometimes but i'll likely be a bit reluctant to post it. also i reeeaaally like all sorts of music, and so if you're looking to drop a recommendation on someone -- hi.

i'd be an extrovert had it not been for my complete inability to start a conversation -- feel free to hmu tho on discord if you feel so inclined !

@chameleon it's been a while since I've found new music that I've freaked out with happiness about. What are you listening to right now?

@abbenm at this exact second, new wave-adjacent stuff mostly !! (oingo boingo, strawberry switchblade, & the waitresses :p ) what about you?

@chameleon I found one song by Bent Knee that I'm ecstatic about:


It starts out like math rock I've heard a million times before but becomes something ELSE

@abbenm omg !!! everything about that is amazing -- the vocals-- WHEW

@chameleon I'm glad you like it!! I love the vocals too

@chameleon I just tried Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo.

And it's one of those cases where everything about the sound feels like something I might have heard before, but the way it's done here is really structurally interesting.

@abbenm this doesnt rlly have anythin to do with the song you sent, i'm just kinda obsessed with it lmao -- youtu.be/Zd1ebQwKdEM

@chameleon Points On The Curve = such a good, underrated record. *wild applause*

@chameleon on the second last line I completely feel you

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