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hey guys i'm emily! i'm a little overzealously into rock collecting, classic rock, and rocky horror. and i'm brand new to the fediverse!
i also draw sometimes but i'll likely be a bit reluctant to post it. also i reeeaaally like all sorts of music, and so if you're looking to drop a recommendation on someone -- hi.

i'd be an extrovert had it not been for my complete inability to start a conversation -- feel free to hmu tho on discord if you feel so inclined !

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β€” Some random girl on my bus route, unprompted

"...has a sixth sense for detecting wild onions..."
β€” Jack, who knows far too much

β€” microwave

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decided to be the unofficial outreach branch of the nephilim grove hypesquad 

terrible uwuspeak 

i'm getting really bad at answering english questions in class because whenever i don't have an explicit Reason for why i'm deriving the text as whatever i'm just like "idk it's just the vibes"

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yesterday one of my friends was like "hey d'you know reminiscing by little river band" and i was like "DO I???? i have an entire playlist based off of it."
5 minutes later he mentioned matthew wilder and i lost my mind

in summary he's intellectual. send toot

rlly envious of's rocky horror emoji font that was just the most glorious bigbrain move of all time

cant find it now but to whoever made the "there are .5 wolves inside of you" toot, u were right actually. the other .16 wolf was claimed by the government for income tax

bad food opinions being discussed in class 

started a lil embroidery project as part of a secret santa-adjacent gift exchange that a few of my friends are doing -- real genius on my part, considering i barely remember how to embroider At All. so ... that's happening

so, good news and bad news. bad news is i had some really terrible mashed potatoes and i feel like im dying. good news is that if i happen to be right then yall won't have to put up with my shit for much longer. im going to sleep probably

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i found this between the shelves down at the public library

looking thru everyone i follow on my ancient decrepit tumblr blog and it's like a graveyard of abandoned accounts -- [updated 6 months ago] [updated 3 years ago] [updated 2 months ago] [updated 11 months ago] [updated 1 year ago]

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my sister puts out numerous dishes of water for her cat, who refuses to use them, imbibing solely by dipping her paw in this watering can and licking the water off

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The minions wear goggles because their eyes are outside of their skulls.

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