just found out about asbestos.... damn that shit sucks

absolutely hilarious that we knew that asbestos was really bad for us in like the 1930s but we didn't bother doing anything about it until the 90s

i am secretly convinced that asbestos isn't that bad

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Every room with
a possibility
of dying, uWill
be able to save

got to thinking about how it would be pretty cool if the left could do coups and then i remembered that's like the end goal of leftism lol

honestly it's a miracle that bill clinton didn't come down with some sudden and terminal disease during the 2016 election

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bold of elizabeth warren to attempt the niche of "being exactly like hillary clinton"

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no straight white woman has ever had good politics

now that the hype has died down can we agree that brawl was the best smash game

first half of spirit phone: wouldn't it be freaky if there was an arcade cabinet that ate people?

second half of spirit phone: remember getting emotionally abused by your dad?


kinda awesome that veterans day isnt a holiday in my state so i don't have to suck a veteran off but it also means i have to go to work

proud to report that the man who was mowing his lawn for four hours yesterday is at it again

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