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FFXIV Shadowbringers 5.0 Raid Cooldowns Cheat Sheet

Can be handy for
#ffxiv savage raiders.

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femme pro tip: coordinate your underwear with your accessories

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I know some of us are having shitty times so I offer you this montage of my silly dog rolling in the sunshine, please enjoy

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Machinist: when we get LB3 my drill is going to be SO big

Gatherer: hold my cordial and watch this


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There is a Picross Murder Mystery game called Murder By Numbers.

It's amazing.

The music is hella good. There is an actual story that actually makes me laugh out loud.

And you play as a Beebo like robot who can only see pixels, and that's why you do Picross puzzles. Who wants to solve a murder.

And there are POC and queer people in it.

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Cat owners vs dog owners
@kkbnmiop@twitter.com @itsLIAT@twitter.com

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