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re: block rec, homophobia 

@derek No shortage of fucking cesspools on the internet, I see. 🙄​

@Angeloo But when nothing's covering your mouth, your ears work so much better!

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@murky Really good read, and very damning, thanks for sharing

@BobaTea Probably the bit with the Mr. Mime, honestly. So silly.

Finally got around to watching Detective Pikachu. It was kinda silly, as expected, but quite fun.

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sounds lewd but not really lewd, ffxiv 

If someone told me to do The Navel, I would do The Navel (Hard)

@Breakfast My girlfriend's obsessed with it, but when I watch her I have literally no idea what's going on

Well, I took a new job. I'm leaving industry to go work in an academic lab. I know that the university itself is still profit-driven, but at least the lab itself does research meant to help people and not just make other people more money.

re: ff14 

@Breakfast I really want to get into FFXIV crafting. But the grind is just so severe. I usually end up at about level 30, where it really starts to slow down, and quit. Any secrets?

Fucking Windows. Quit restarting my computer overnight. If I left it on, I left it on for a reason. reddit is a cesspool overrun by Nazis masquerading as enlightened centrists

@aldersprig I'm an armchair linguist, so, please try to verify independently.

We definitely have gendered nouns, just like you listed: waitress, actress, stewardess, comedienne, etc. But we don't modify articles, non-possessive adjectives, or verb forms to reflect noun gender (e.g., if you're talking about a tall person who brings you food in a restaurant, it's always just "tall," and never, say, a "talle" waitress, to borrow from the French pattern).

As far as the word "kingdom" goes, there's some uncertainty as to its history, but it's possible that "king," itself a contraction of Old English "cyning," comes from the Old English word "cynn," which means "family" or "race." So that one is possibly actually ungendered in origin, though it certainly feels gendered in modern usage.

Queuing MSQ and getting Praetorium is great for getting shit done around the house.

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What if....reddit but with a strong admin team that cares about keeping terrible shit off the platform?

What's the actual consensus on doing socially distanced activities in small groups? We're doing a small cookout, which feels pretty safe: outside, everyone in masks, food cooked on a hot-ass grill. The small risk seems worth not dealing with the psychological impact of letting every beautiful late-summer day go to waste.

@stultusrei Eh, what makes someone interesting, anyway? It's all subjective. You're cool as hell to someone out there, I'm sure.

Been awhile since I've baked donuts for distribution throughout the apartment building. Lemon donuts with lime frosting today, nice and refreshing for a beautiful summer Saturday.

I kinda stopped using Duolingo to learn Russian about halfway through the course, but I just went back and got a perfect score on the quiz to place out of everything, so that feels validating.

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