Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and nondescript robot bosses; name a more iconic duo.

When you finish coding something and it mostly works but has a couple bugs: awesome, I'll fix these and be good to go.

When you finish coding something and it works perfectly and has no bugs: THIS IS TOO PERFECT SOME HIDDEN BUG IS GOING TO BRING THE WHOLE SYSTEM DOWN SOMEDAY

@wasabi Missed opportunity to make the joke, "that is not what 'push' in 'push-to-talk' means."

Me trying to explain to my brother that, yes, fine, the "Illuminati" is real, but in a very boring way that just involves a bunch of billionaires lobbying governments to enact laws that keep working-class people suppressed, and him ignoring my scare quotes and reading into it that I actually believe in the stereotypical conspiracy-theory version of the Illuminati

Played a bunch of an indie game called "Webbed" today. It's an adorable physics-based puzzle-platformer where you play as a jumping spider trying to save her boyfriend, who was whisked away by a bird.

So far it seems like a game that took an amazingly well-implemented foundation -- namely, flinging yourself around a forest on webs at high speed, à la Spiderman -- and then threw it in the dumpster by making the player tediously solve "puzzles," nearly 100% of which involve slowly moving heavy objects to obvious destinations.

I don't regret the purchase, but I wouldn't call the meat of the game "fun," unfortunately.

I remember why I don't go on /r/ffxiv anymore. Yes, FFXIV fanbois, it is actually a legitimate problem with the game that new players' only paths to catching up to their friends are grinding 300+ hours of story quests or coughing up an extra 25 bucks to skip the majority of it. It's okay to admit that. Daddy Yoshi-P isn't gonna track you down and delete your account.

I can't believe what a giant industry has been made out of "exchange your real money for this made-up pretend money, and then hope you can exchange your made-up pretend money for more real money than you exchanged for it initially."

Like...millions of people heard this and thought, "Yes. I will make this the central focus of my life."

Reading political arguments on YouTube makes me want to supernova the Sun and just hope one of the other star systems out there is doing a little better.

It's that time of year (month? day?) where I want to bail on the US and move somewhere that maybe isn't 100% shit. Throw out some suggestions, people. Assume that I'll go hard at learning the local language.

@Rasp I'm still reading it (I know it's not long, but I don't have too much time), but when I'm done, how would you prefer to receive feedback?

it's 5:12a and i'm ready to think about all the work i have to do today for several hours before just doing any of it

Игра Wordle (RU) День #112 1/6


Ну, это должно было случиться однажды.

Mastodon's monthly active user numbers have risen by 84,579 since the Twitter buyout story broke on Monday (and I do mean across the Mastodon network, not this server)

I guess I'm gonna watch a few episodes of My Hero Academia to see what that's all about.

Maybe Mastodon will see some much-deserved action now.

Those of you cross-posting from #Twitter to #Mastodon - will you please consider doing the opposite? Make the #Fediverse your social media home and Twitter an afterthought.

I shouldn't like 90-Day Fiancé and its spin-offs as much as I do. I'm a smart man. I know it's heavily edited to make everyone look like an unstable monster, and that large portions of it are likely scripted. But I can't turn it off. It's just peak trash TV, and I'm here for it, and I don't care who knows it.

Well, ArenaNet really killed it with End of Dragons. Amazing new zones.

There's an interesting analogue between television "cable-cutting" and the rise of single-page application (SPA) web development, of all things.

Cable-cutting is now at the point where having cable is cheaper and/or less annoying than paying for or constantly managing subscriptions to a dozen different streaming services. It's so bad that YouTube started offering "YouTube TV," which they marketed as some kind of exciting new product to help you cut down on all those pesky streaming services. It's essentially just cable TV.

At the same time, web development got so JavaScript-heavy, with such a strong focus on front-end frameworks and SPAs, that we started to get concerned about how it was negatively affecting search engine optimization and performance. Now all the frameworks support "server-side rendering," which they explain as this fancy new thing where the server renders your finalized HTML for you. It's essentially just what we did on the web for decades before the SPA craze hit.

I always choose the asshole-iest dialog option in FFXIV. Not because I'm an asshole, but because the writers had to come up with hundreds of NPC responses to all those options, and I'll bet fewer than 1% of players see them. I see your work, writers, and revel in the hurt my words bring to my fellow Scions.

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