There's an interesting analogue between television "cable-cutting" and the rise of single-page application (SPA) web development, of all things.

Cable-cutting is now at the point where having cable is cheaper and/or less annoying than paying for or constantly managing subscriptions to a dozen different streaming services. It's so bad that YouTube started offering "YouTube TV," which they marketed as some kind of exciting new product to help you cut down on all those pesky streaming services. It's essentially just cable TV.

At the same time, web development got so JavaScript-heavy, with such a strong focus on front-end frameworks and SPAs, that we started to get concerned about how it was negatively affecting search engine optimization and performance. Now all the frameworks support "server-side rendering," which they explain as this fancy new thing where the server renders your finalized HTML for you. It's essentially just what we did on the web for decades before the SPA craze hit.

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