I know MMORPG players are super fucking thirsty for a new game right now, but the New World subreddit is sometimes so unabashedly circlejerky that I would not be surprised if Amazon is just straight-up paying people to heap praise on the game.

In reality, it's an astoundingly derivative game being carried by its gorgeous visuals and excellent sound design. Worth the $40 up-front cost for a couple months of breathing fresh air, but each of its systems are about as deep as a teaspoon of water and will wear thin very quickly.

@PillPauper If you look hard, you'll find other people saying it (usually downvoted and hidden on reddit). There are dozens of us!

I'm not trying to take away others' enjoyment of the game, but what I'm expecting to see is a big flip in public sentiment after most players hit that hard level 25-30 plateau. It's right around the time people go to their first non-starter zone and realize that it's just...more trees...and...more cardboard-cutout farmhouses, that a lot of people are going to drop it. Also it's around this time that people will realize "press E to gather, press E again to craft" is the same MMO crafting system we've been using for over two decades, and forget what they thought was so incredible about it a week ago.

@brokofiev Yeah, after the big Blizzard and WoW conflict, everyone's looking for a new mmo to praise and if it's not FFXIV, it'll be this game. Just overlooking common things just because it's new wave I guess.

@PillPauper Yeah. I want it to be successful, but I think it needs a ton of work. I foresee the player dropoff after a month or two being brutal, but I guess we'll see how it goes.

Personally, I can't quit coming back to Guild Wars 2. It's got its issues, but it just does so many things right.

@brokofiev I havent played many MMO's, (few hours on PSO2, FFXIV, ESO), but I agree. I hope New World is able to actually bring something new to the genre. Or at least do something better than the rest.

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