My girlfriend decided to watch Prometheus and Alien: Covenant earlier, so I joined her. I can't figure out what the point of either film is.

They aren't really horror films, past the now-tired body horror of aliens bursting through humans at various angles.

They aren't really action films past a few scenes here and there.

They aren't really sci-fi films that offer any kind of meaningfully deep backstory to the original Alien.

Prometheus felt like two hours' worth of random scenes chopped out of a four-hour movie and spliced together. It was incredibly disjointed; plot points, character decisions, and "major reveals" materialized out of nowhere.

Alien: Covenant spent 40 minutes building up a setting, goal, and developing characters; it then suddenly threw it all out the window to become a story about two androids.

Am I insane, or were both of these movies kind of bad? Fun, at times, but bad.

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