I've been playing a lot of Super Mario World ROM hacks recently, and was, naturally, thinking about making one of my own, mostly so I could write music for it.

So I started researching how people do custom music for SNES ROM hacks, and it turns out that the process is *horrid*. People are basically typing hex code into a text file, using a script to insert it into a ROM, and then opening the ROM in an emulator and listening to the music. Every time they make a change, they have to go through this process.

The developer in me got pissed, and all of a sudden I'm neck-deep in research about how the SNES audio processing unit and digital signal processor work so that I can create a digital audio workstation-like software to let people write authentic SNES music in a sane manner.

I found the source code for a faithfully emulated SNES APU/DSP, and managed to

1.) get it to load SNES audio dumps and make them play,

2.) resample them so that they play at the correct pitch and tempo,

3.) add simple volume control.

Next up is ripping the compressed samples out and getting them to play at designated pitches. Once that's done, I'll have the core of what I need.

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