I also watched "Upside Down," a visually stunning movie in which Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst live on opposite ends of a dual-planet system in which matter on one planet is unaffected by the gravitational pull of the other. Okay, fine. I'll accept this.

So one of the planets is more capitalist than the other, and their version of the Shinra Electric Power Company steals the other planet's resources, powers their planet, and sells power back to the poor planet at a premium. Okay, cool. Lots of potential for exploring a class-based struggle here.


NOPE. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. There's just "the rich planet" and "the poor planet" and that's as deep as it goes. Both planets refer to the rich planet as "the upper planet," and its citizens as "uppers." Like...BOTH PLANETS ARE THE UPPER PLANET IF YOU'RE STANDING ON THE OTHER ONE. NOBODY EVER SAYS THIS.

Oh, also, if you try to go to the other planet, the cops there just shoot you. Wanna know why? Me, too. I would also like to know why.

Anyway, it's like 90 minutes of Romeo and Juliet bullshit between Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst and nothing actually interesting comes out of the world they established. Awful. Beautiful film, though.

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