online game test, request for players 

right! so!

now that everything is in order to do test plays of the hybrid rpg-quiz game I've created, I need to actually get people involved. two people have previously indicated interest (with scheduling being a major caveat) but I need four more, assuming I still have both of those two.

this is a casual team-based game with casual trivia. it is a no-judgement zone if you get a question wrong or many questions wrong. there is no actual role-playing required, but I am not opposed to it. at this stage, we are not assembling a regular group, so don't worry about needing to commit to a regular time.

I would like to test this weekend, if we are able to assemble an appropriate number of people. please reply to this post if interested and with what your availability is like so we can discuss a schedule. I'm still at work for the foreseeable, tonight, but I'll answer any questions that come up that I see.


re: online game test, request for players 

@hexwren What's your timezone? The idea sounds cool, and if I can find some time, I may be interested.

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