Online Learning 

I usually teach 3-400 kids a year with up to 50 in the room at a time. No sweat.

This year I have ~140 TOTAL. In person and online. And I've done MORE work than I have ever done in any two years previous teaching combined.

And by more work I don't mean that it's better, or more productive. Just more. ;.;


re: Online Learning 

@subi My girlfriend's going through the same thing. She's a postdoc teaching students who, because in-person classes are a no-go, are spread throughout timezones all across the world, so automatically she has to provide both synchronous and asynchronous lecture content, effectively doubling her workload for no real additional payoff. It sucks.

re: Online Learning 


I'm in secondary and have to do similar, even simple tasks like taking attendance now take 30 minutes when they used to take ten simply because I have to navigate form responses in an excel and compare lists with one of them having no real sort option. u.u

High stakes testing administered from a distance, with me looking at their faces, not their computer screens. Lel

At least it's just band/guitar. Which has it's own problems jumping thru hoops to satisfy online needs but at least there's low accountability :D

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